What's the difference between a Paoletti Photobooth & the others out there?

The main difference between a generic photobooth and a Paoletti Photobooth is the fact that ours is open air concept. Being open air allows us to use one of our many 12 foot backdrops & it lets you and your guests the chance to let loose which is impossible in a closed concept photobooth. The added space is also great for large groups like family photos at your wedding.

How do we see our Photobooth images?

There are several different ways to see your Photobooth images. Whether its strips printed for your guests, hi-res images for you to print as you please, or a Facebook upload so you can tag all your friends and family in all their glory.

How much does a Paoletti Photobooth cost?

Rates start at $500. For more information about a Paoletti Photo Booth please shoot me an email!

Can we bring our own props?

Absolutely. We're always adding more props and costumes to our collection, but if you have something specific you would like to use we have no issue.

How does a Paoletti Photobooth operate?

By a real live person! No, but seriously. There are no buttons for guests to push, because we're there, with our cameras shooting all of images. All the images are hi-res and shot with the same cameras we'd shoot your wedding with. Hi-res means you can do practically whatever you want with the images - prints, albums, you name it. Making sure that nothing goes awry is another reason why we prefer the human aspect of a Paoletti Photobooth.

Where can you set up a Paoletti Photobooth?

As long as there is electricity - pretty much anywhere. Weddings - Birthdays - Anniversaries - Corporate Events - Bar and Bat Mitzvahs - Showers - Reunions

For more information about a Paoletti Photo Booth please shoot me an email.